Benefits of Rent

We supply the laptop, desktop system and printers on a monthly rental basis and it is the practice of temporarily leasing computer and its peripherals for a specified period, typically for business, educational, or personal use. It is a practical solution for short-term needs, events, testing purposes, or situations where access to the latest technology is required without the burden of ownership or long-term commitments.

Cash-Flow Benefit

1. You can tailor your payment schemes as per your specific cash flow or budgetary

2. We can arrive at a mutually convenient and agreed payment options for the rentals to
match your comfort levels while ensuring reasonable and timely returns for us.

3. Rental may be paid monthly, in advance or quarterly in advance.

Freedom to Choose Required Equipment

1. Renting allows you to get equipment with required technological sophistication instead of being content with buying what your budget allows at those points in time.

2. Brand/Configuration/age (new/pre-used) of equipment as per your preference.

Protection against obsolescence

1. Renting option allows you to protect your equipment against obsolescence. Required
up-gradation could be quick and at reasonable additional costs and without disposal
related hassles.

Evade inflation

1. Unlike other expenses such as salaries and utilities, rental payments are fixed and do not amplify overtime. This allows more precise profit and cash-flow planning.

Preserve cash

1. Renting option allows you to conserve your investments for your core business needs rather than using those funds in the infrastructure required to run the said core business. Renting provides you with a supplementary source of funding, allowing you
to preserve credit lines for other investment opportunities.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

1. Acquisition costs in opting for outright purchase get enlarged by costs of installation, deployment, decommissioning and trouble-shooting, etc. Renting option thus works out cost-effective, reducing the TCO.

Good option also for temporary needs

1. Preferred option for Exhibitions, Presentations, Promotional Events, etc., or to meet sudden upsurge in workloads. Ideal for start-ups and new organizations during the establishment & debugging stage.

Project-based Needs

1. Renting is available for duration ranging from 1 month to as long as 3 years or more.

Laptop on Rent

Laptop on Rent

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Desktop on Rent

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Printer on Rent

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